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I was wondering when is anyone going to call me? I wanted to come hand out, but honest to God, I was too afraid to say can I come hang out with you, because that would be so lame. I remember calling my friend Elizabeth Berkley and saying this feels like a high school I never went to.

“Jennifer: 我在想我会被邀请吗? 我想去和大家一起玩,可是上帝啊,我好怕如果说我想和你们一起去,因为这样说太逊了。 我记得我曾经叫我的好友Elizabeth Berkley去玩的时候,感觉就像去一个从未去过的中学一般。”  (新版P17 旧版P15)

◢ Kate Moenning, Jennifer Beals和Leisha Hailey 在The Sutton Place酒店晚餐。




I feel blessed to have you as a co-worker and partner. You are one of the most generous actors I’ve ever worked with. When I think about “courage” I think about you. I look forwards watching our families grow because I know they will, and I’m so glad to have shared this journey with you.


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爱你  p.s. 来看看其它姑娘们的项链  ——Laurel”  (新版P58 旧版P56)

◢ Laurel Hollaman给JB的小字条




We were still hopeful. The Season was painful, but not without purpose.

我们当时还是充满希冀。 这一季(*第二季)是痛苦的,但凡事皆有由来。(新版P90 / 旧版P89 )

◢ JB的自拍



This is from the patio party scene at Bette and Tina’s House in episode 307. Bob Aschmann took this photo. The instant I wrapped the scene I got in the car with my husband and two dogs and headed back to Los Angeles to await the birth of our daughter. The car was packed with all our things from that year; the dog food, dog toys, and every imaginable snack for my sometimes ravenous hunger. As much as I loved the cast, the show, Vancouver-the moment we crossed the border I felt free.

由Bob Aschmann拍摄。拍摄时期是《The L Word》第三季第七集拍摄完毕之后,地点是剧中Bette和Tina的家。拍完这个场景之后,JB就和丈夫带上两条狗狗回到洛杉矶待产。车上全搬上了那年他们的家当,包括狗粮、狗狗玩具还有大人的零食。(新版P121 / 旧版P119 )

◢ Bob Aschmann拍摄的众人合照P121


Jennifer: I remember when Laurel went into labor. I was at the studio, shooting , and I couldn’t concentrate, I was so nervous and excited. I couldn’t sit, I was in perpetual motion. I would check my phone constantly, resisting the urge to call her or Paul, her husband. I would run back and forth to the office to see if they had gotten any word. I couldn’t take it-I could barely breathe. I wanted the baby to be healthy, I wanted Laurel to be safe and happy. When I heard here daughter had been born safe and sound and that everyone was okay, I fell over in my trailer from exhaustion and wept.

我记得Laurel去生产的时候我正在摄影间拍摄,我无法集中精神,我实在太紧张和兴奋了。我坐立不安,不时查看我的手机,好想打电话给她或者她丈夫Paul。我在办公室里来来回回看看大家有没有消息。我实在耐不住,甚至无法呼吸。我希望宝宝健康,希望Laurel平安快乐。当我得知女儿平安出生、每个人都很好的时候,我在我的拖车里瘫坐下来,发现自己耗尽了力量,泣不成声。(新版P108/ 旧版P106 )

◢ Laurel抱着女儿Lola,还有大家


Jennifer: To me one of the most memorable scenes of the entire six seasons was when Alice break down in the hospital corridor after she finds out that Dana has died. … For me it’s one of the most amazing scenes in whole show. … I can’t even really watch it anymore it’s…

对我来说整六季最记忆犹新的场景之一就是Alice发现Dana已经去世之后在医院走廊崩溃的一幕 … 对我来说那是整部剧里面最棒的场景之一… 我实在无法再看了… 。(新版P127/ 旧版P125 )


JB PRIDE Speech: What a parade, San Francisco. What a gorgeous, glorious, gay gathering. What a celebration of pride and liberation and diversity and love. No other city does love like you do it here in San Francisco- with your architecture, your hills and bridges and your spectacular mayor who stands brazenly in the face of the most archaic administration in modern history. While so many politicians seem to be pushing the politics of hate Mayor Newsome advocates for the politics of love.

“三藩市’骄傲’游行演讲词: 如此出色的三藩市游行,如此华丽炫彩的同志聚会,这是一个为骄傲、自由、多样和爱而生的庆典。没有任何其它城市能像三藩市那样的充满着爱。你们的建筑、群山和桥梁,以及勇于面对现代历史中那些陈旧的管理教条支持你们的优秀市长。一些政治家推行着仇恨式的政治方针,而你们的Newsome市长却在力挺爱的政治。 ”  (新版P143 旧版P142)

◢ 2006年三藩市同志游行


 ◢ JB演讲词



…. Both Alex Hedison and Holand Taylor were there and I always love working with them. I remember laughing a lot during the hen-night scene- a never-ending night shoot that sent us all a little crazy. And singing my heart out on the ski lift with you. I think it looked pretty great in the end result too.

第三季季终的拍摄,饰演Helen的Rachel Shelly回忆那是她最喜欢的部分,但那给她的感觉更像第四季,因为当时是12月,大家待在漂亮的酒店里面,还学滑雪做spa,晚上一起喝酒聊天。她很喜欢和Alex Hedison(饰女导演Dylan)以及Holand Taylor(饰演Helen的妈妈)合作,而在滑雪道上缆车上和JB在一起拍摄那会也是高兴得心花怒放。(新版P147/旧版P145)

◢ 镜头下的Rachel 与 LU

THE L WORD Book Ver2 by Jennifer Beals P147



Jennifer: It’s hard to run a show. I feel for Ilene. I thin that it’s amazing that she got the show off the ground and that it ran as long as it did. And I appreciate her force of will and sticking with it, and including us as much as she did…

Jennifer 感谢IC为这部划时代的剧能播出了这么长一段时间而做出的一切艰难的努力,同时她也感到参与这部剧所带来的不同,因为作为演员能给制作过程提出自己的意见是一件相当难得的事情。这让她在后来客串《Lie To Me(千谎百计)》的时候还一度以为自己身处《The L Word》的剧组当中。(新版P152 旧版P150)

◢ Season 5拍摄中

THE L WORD BOOK by Jennifer Beals

Rachel表示,第二季她加入剧组的时候,最先认识的两位新朋友便是Laurel和她的宝宝了。当时的Laurel已经怀孕5个月,整个人充满着光芒,而最好玩的是,偏偏故事里面她要扮作试图掩饰怀孕的真相。(新版P160 旧版P158)

◢ Season 5 剧照,Rachel 与 Laurelp158ver1-p160ver2-the-l-word-book


Kate: My God, look-we’ll all into it! This is Rose’s trailer. Rose is my perfect movie companion.

Kate: 天啊,看我们多投入啊。那是在Rose的拖车里面。她是我完美的看电影伙伴了。(新版P169 旧版P167)

◢ Season 5 花絮,一起看电影的Katherine Moennig 和Rose Rollins



Jennifer: For me I think being at V-Day was a culmination of the work we had done on The L Word and the work we had done as individual women. … It was a very clear collective effort to use acting as a way to bring storytelling and activism together.

“Jennifer:对我而言参加V Day的活动就像是《The L Word》的拍摄工作以及我们作为女性个体所付出的一种高潮体现。… 它显然汇聚整个团体的努力,让演戏变成一种将叙述故事和积极行动相结合的方式。 ”  (新版P175 旧版P173)

◢ Ilene Chaiken、Dainela 和Alexandra在妇女健康的活动——V Day 的当天


Jennifer: For me, it was so much fun because I could watch everyboday else do their work and watch them do stuff that they don’t normally do. You know what I mean? People are pushed out of their comfort zone, and you admire them and someties you just have to laugh.

“Jennifer:这对我来说实在太有趣了,因为我能看看每个人各自在努力,看她们做一些平常不会做的事情。懂我意思吗? 大家得走出自己的舒适区,你会很崇拜她们,有时候更会忍俊不住。 ”  (新版P189 旧版P187)

◢ S607 的舞蹈排练

◢ S607 的舞蹈排练

◢ S607