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Jennifer Beals 推文-2013年2月

Jennifer-Beals-Twitter-2013-FebruaryJB Twitter:twitter.com/jenniferbeals

JBCN Twittertwitter.com/jenniferbealscn

新浪微博: weibo.com/betteporter

原文:Jennifer Beals

中文:JenniferBeals.cn 独家翻译及整理




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  • 2.28

still believe the “energy nonsense” and the mathematics are connected.




  • 2.28

Violence Against Women Act passes. A very good beginning. So much more to do. http://news.yahoo.com/congress-set-ok-bill-renewing-anti-violence-law-080607353.html …

女性反暴力法案通过。 这是个好的开端。 还有更多的需要去做。

http://news.yahoo.com/congress-set-ok-bill-renewing-anti-violence-law-080607353.html …

  • 2.27

Please support my friend @robinnelee‘s film. Only a few tickets left. http://www.tugg.com/events/3052

请支持我朋友 @robinnelee 的电影。 只剩一张票啦。


  • 2.27

Feline camo:


  • 2.27

What are your favorite mobile apps? Anything that makes my life easier is well worth the seconds it takes to download.
大家最爱的手机应用是什么? 凡是让我生活变得方便的东东都值得花些时间下载来试试。

  • 2.27

I love the beauty in cosmic rays originating in supernova remnants.


  • 2.26

The uncertainty principal works in the macro world and quantum world. #Cool


事物的不确定性这一原则在宏观世界以及量子世界中自有其作用。 #Cool


  • 2.26

Mindful wandering.




  • 2.26

“Don’t waste your youth growing up.” http://alturl.com/i527r

“不要浪费年轻的生命。” http://alturl.com/i527r

  • 2.26

Nothing makes you realize the world is bigger than you think when you start to consider the microbial communities living inside of us.


  • 2.26

Christopher Gavigan ‏@Christopher_Gav

The Human Experiment | A great film by Dana Nachman & Don Hardy http://thehumanexperimentmovie.com

转发: Christopher Gavigan ‏@Christopher_Gav

《人体试验》 这是一部Dana Nachman和Don Hardy出品的优秀电影。 http://thehumanexperimentmovie.com

  • 2.26

Cats say the darndest things: http://alturl.com/wueq9

猫咪说的最搞鬼的事情: http://alturl.com/wueq9


  • 2.26

Taking floral art to new heights: http://www.designboom.com/art/aerial-photos-of-tulip-fields/

将花的艺术带到全新的高度: http://www.designboom.com/art/aerial-photos-of-tulip-fields/

  • 2.25

How all the single cats spent valentines day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQSAe7Z27ks&feature=player_embedded …


  • 2.24

Fashion meets fine art, meets…fine art.Check out Sarah Moon’s work. http://say.ly/iPK5ehh

当时尚遇上艺术… 看看Sarah Moon的作品。 http://say.ly/iPK5ehh

  • 2.23

You’d think that atoms bonding would mean they’re being friendly to each other, but instead they steal each others electrons. How ionic.


JBCN注: 您老人家够了…… :dead:

  • 2.23

Out with @ i lenechaiken and Byron Balasco, talking all things #Venice . pic.twitter.com/M78Wj1ctXW

@ilenechaiken 和Byron Balasco 一起见面,谈谈关于新剧 # Venice 的事情。


  • 2.23

Philosophy, faith and mathematics meet in the image-ination. http://images.search.yahoo.com/images

哲学、信仰和数学在想象中相遇。 http://images.search.yahoo.com/images

JBCN注: 某人链接贴错了……

  • 2.22

To infinity and beyond. http://bit.ly/12S7edw


(JBCN注: 视频是外国一名女中学生的科学课作业,将Kitty猫公仔放上太空,进行对温度和湿度的观测。)

  • 2.22

goodness is self-replicating.


  • 2.22

Full confession: I’m a little bit of a fractal fanatic. This natural process of iteration binds us with everything.

我承认啦: 我真是喜欢分形几何。 这种有着重复性的自然现象总在我们身边出现。

JBCN注:“分形”,或“碎形”, 通常被定义为“一个粗糙或零碎的几何形状,可以分成数个部分,且每一部分都(至少近似地)是整体缩小后的形状”,即具有自相似的性质。

  • 2.22

What would be the first thing you’d draw? http://nbcnews.to/WJb1az

你画的第一个东西是什么? http://nbcnews.to/WJb1az

JBCN注: 链接页面错误!

  • 2.19

A Golden Retriever gettin’ his groove on.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBluUZ4NnZg&feature=youtube_gdata_player …


  • 2.19

Frank R. Lautenberg ‏@FrankLautenberg Photos from my announcement in #Paterson about agenda for next 2 years & decision not to run for re-election: http://on.fb.me/15sTxQI

转发: Frank R. Lautenberg ‏@FrankLautenberg



  • 2.19

Loving google’s Heliocentric doodle. Don’t know why, but it makes me laugh. https://www.google.com

爱死Google今天的太阳系doodle图。 也不知道为什么,可就是让我觉得好笑。



  • 2.19



  • 2.19

In the space between our inhale and our exhale lies the possibility to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.


  • 2.18

What I saw on my run this morning. # LifeisGood

今早跑步时候发现的。 #生活真美


  • 2.15

Oh my goodness, I want…no…NEED to tour Goldstone Deep Space Observatory. http://po.st/uzGh5S #ImperfectNerd

饿滴神啊, 我不要去“金石深太空观察室”。 http://po.st/uzGh5S #不完美的呆子

  • 2.15

IMPOSSIBILITIES IN THE WORLD 1) You can’t count your hair. 2) You can’t wash your eyes with soap. http://tl.gd/l271ec

这世上还是有不可能的。第1,别数自己的头发。第2,别用肥皂洗眼睛。 http://tl.gd/l271ec

  • 2.15

Traveling faster than the speed of sound. The Russian Meteor. Incredible. http://tinyurl.com/azqh7lo
比音速还快。 俄罗斯陨石。太厉害了。 http://tinyurl.com/azqh7lo

  • 2.14

LOVE.love.LoVe. It is what we’re here for. Happy Valentine’s Day. pic.twitter.com/SeQd7KVY



  • 2.13

We Create BC ‏ @WeCreateBC

“I’m a father and an actor, a producer, teacher, writer and a Canadian.” John shares his story. http://ow.ly/hFmTF #wecreatebc

转发:We Create BC ‏ @WeCreateBC

“我是一位父亲、演员、制片人、教师、编剧,还是加拿大人。”John 分享了他的个人背景。h ttp://ow.ly/hFmTF #wecreatebc

JBCN注: 链接是曾经和JB合作演出《 Break A Leg》的演员John Cassin的个人Facebook页面。

  • 2.13

And scene.


  • 2.13

That would be @ilenechaiken . ..

那会是e @ilenechaiken

  • 2.13

That would be “the” Venice pilot. #LifeisGood

关于传说中的《Venice》首播集,感觉就是 #生活真美

  • 2.13

So excited to be working with Byron Balasco AND Ilene Chaiken on tha Venice pilot.

和Byron Balasco 还有Ilene Chaiken合作拍摄《Venice》的首播集,真兴奋!

  • 2.12

For fans of the L Word good news is coming your way. Stand by.

给The L Word的粉丝们好消息。你们准备好就行了。

  • 2.12

Support the End of Harmful Flame Retardants in furniture http://bit.ly/XxDklW #flameretardants via @4envirohealth

支持针对家具的“断绝有害阻燃剂”! http://bit.ly/XxDklW #阻燃剂 转自 @4envirohealth

  • 2.10

I know it’s wrong, but it made me laugh. Outloud. http://via.me/-9mn4cyo

我知道这不对,不过我真的想笑。 笑死偶了。

JBCN注: 图片的英文写“一日一苹果,医生远离我——只要你用力扔!” :thumbup: )


  • 2.10

Unplug. Go outside. Breathe. Listen…then go inside and get warm. And breathe. And listen.

断电。 外出。呼吸。聆听……然后回来就暖和了。 再呼吸。再聆听。

  • 2.10

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year.

恭喜发财! 中国新年快乐。

  • 2.8

Behold the future.



  • 2.8

Never, never, never give up.


  • 2.8

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: …well, except 5 million people ARE watching…hmmm.. http://po.st/4mZol1

旁若无人地起舞。 噢, 不过这视频已经有500万人网上看了。 http://po.st/4mZol1

  • 2.7

Ran the slowest 10K on Earth. Still, this is my best friend. @Brendan_Brazier, I thank you, and my liver thanks you. http://via.me/-9hy26kq

跑上全世界最慢的10公里。 这还是我最好的朋友。 @Brendan_Brazier, 谢谢你! 我的肝都要谢谢你啦。

JBCN注 Brendan Brazier是一位专业运动员,他的所有饮食都是素的。估计这个健康药物是他介绍给JB的。


  • 2.7

I want to meet Arlene. I may need an intervention. http://via.me/-9h6q736

我想见见Arlene。 我可能需要点心理辅导。


  • 2.6

Bravo England on passing the marriage equality law…the dominoes are falling. It’s only a matter of time and intention.


  • 2.5

Just because.



  • 2.5

Lord have mercy, look what I found on http://academicearth.org ! @seanmcarroll‘s lecture on dark matter! #Swooning . http://tinyurl.com/ac9om59

上帝会怜悯世人, 看看我在 http://academicearth.org 这网站发现一个 @seanmcarrol l的关于暗物质的讲座。 #我晕 http://tinyurl.com/ac9om59

  • 2.4

He’s so over technology:



  • 2.3

Troian ( @SleepintheGardn): Congratulations to you and @WIGS! Thank YOU for your dedicated sense of truth. #BellisarioIsAWarriorGoddess

Troian ( @SleepintheGardn):恭喜你和 @WIGS! 谢谢你对真相的共贡献。 #Bellisario是女战神

JBCN注: Troian Bellisario, 和JB一起出演Youtube自制微电影《Lauren》的那位演员。

  • 2.3

“How do we deepen our understanding.” Time to change the questions. http://tinyurl.com/cwtvsal

“我们如何加深自己的认识。”是时候改变存在的问题了。 http://tinyurl.com/cwtvsal

  • 2.2

Cheesecake and beet salad for dinner…AC/DC blaring on the radio…WTH…WHO AM I? #Human

芝士蛋糕和甜菜沙拉做晚餐。收音机里有电流的声音…什么回事…我是谁啊? #人类

  • 2.1

#throwbackthursday coming home and checking your answering machine. Or hearing “You’ve got mail!”

#周四大倒退 回家路上同时检查电话录音。或者听着提示“您有新邮件”。