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  • 8.31

Intrigued by the recent hypothesis that Van Gogh was colorblind.

JBCN注: 此推文已经JB删除

  • 8.31

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY Bonnie Bell Watermelon. Say no more.
#周四大倒退 不要再用Bonne Bell 西瓜味唇膏
JBCN注: JB又敲错字了……

  • 8.31

10 odd facts about the female reproductive system: http://www.livescience.com/20046-10-odd-facts-female-reproductive-system.html


  • 8.30

Squid goes insane in the membrane, literally. Experiment stimulates pigment cells in time to music. Amazing .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-OVrI9x8Zs&feature=player_embedded (Insane in the Chromatophores)

隔膜里的疯狂墨鱼。 科学实验激发色素细胞对音乐的反应。 有意思。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-OVrI9x8Zs&feature=player_embedded
JBCN注: 强烈提醒有密集物体恐惧症的童鞋表去看那链接的视频!!!!否则后果自负 :ohno:

  • 8.30

Nothing endures but change. – Heraclitus, about 500 B.C.

  • 8.30

Every driver should be mandated to ride a bike on the road for a week & every cyclist should be mandated to drive a car behind a peloton going uphill. #takecareofeachother
应该规定每位司机都骑着单车走一周,而且每个骑车者都应该驾车上山一趟 #体谅别人

  • 8.30

Wishing safety and peace to everyone affected by hurricane Isaac.

  • 8.29

Please support my friend’s film. It’s about the extraordinary filmmaker Sam Fuller. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1209470946/a-fuller-life

请支持我朋友的电影,关于优秀的电影人Sam Fuller的故事。


  • 8.28

What a trip through a wormhole would look like:


  • 8.28

RIP Neil Armstrong. Thank you for expanding the boundaries of our imagination.
愿阿姆斯特朗安息。 感谢你拓宽了我们的想象力。


JBCN注:尼尔·奥尔登·阿姆斯特朗(Neil Alden Armstrong),第一位踏足月球的地球人,2012年8月25日逝世,享年82岁

  • 8.27

What an amazing girl! http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2012/08/vivienne_harr_lemonade_stand.php (Awesome Kid Raises $30K From Lemonade Stand, Uses Money to Fight Human Trafficking


JBCN注: 一个小女孩摆小摊档筹集了3万美元去支持打击人口贩卖

  • 8.27

Romance at its best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_v7QrIW0zY

JBCN注: 某网友的求婚宣言

  • 8.27

Frankly obsessed with the marriage of art and science. #PhotographicPhotosynthesis http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/12/heather-ackroyd-and-dan-harvey_n_1586650.html?utm_hp_ref=art-meets-science

  • 8.26

Excited to see “Einstein on the Beach.” @BAM_Brooklyn http://www.bam.org/einstein
真高兴看歌剧《海滩上的爱恩斯坦》 @BAM_Brooklynhttp://www.bam.org/einstein

  • 8.26

Proud of T-Mobile for backing Gay marriage in Washington State.


  • 8.26

RT: @NathanFillion: A very Canadian Anthem.

转发 @NathanFillion: 非常加拿大风格的音乐赞歌



  • 8.25

Southern Tapestry:



  • 8.25

Tired of swimming through plastic? Make a jump rope out of the stuff.


厌烦了在塑料废弃物中游泳? 利用它们做成跳绳吧。http://5gyres.org/education_and_exhibits

JBCN注: 链接是一些环保利用的视频

  • 8.25

The Zoological Society of London said that close to 1/3 of all wild species on earth have disappeared since 1970. #SixthExtinction

英国伦敦动物学会的人说,自从1970年以来,地球上接近1/3的野生物种灭亡。 #第6度灭绝

  • 8.25

#ThrowBackThursday: Eating Tang straight from the tin.

#周四大倒退: 直接喝罐装的“果珍”

  • 8.24

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny…’ – Isaac Asimov

科学里面最让人听着激动的用语,预示着最伟大的发明的词语不是“Eureka!”(意思是“我发现啦”), 而是“这真有趣”——Isaac Asimov

  • 8.24

Mad snake disease. Why is it that I can relate?


疯蛇症。 为神马我联想到这个?


JBCN注: 链接是个科学文章,说蛇得到这种疾病会呈现喝醉的症状然后把自己身体打结了

  • 8.24

Excited about the Gamma Ray’s possible detection of dark matter. Seems the light radiating from the Milky Way is evidence for the discovery.
Gamma Ray可能可探测暗物质,真让人兴奋。貌似银河辐射出来的光是这项发现的证据了。

  • 8.24

South Korean scientists altered a cat’s DNA to make it glow in the dark…



  • 8.24

RT: @ElizBerkley: Amazing short film by @gdlauren showing his Fall line. Brilliant director, Marc Forster stars

http://video.wmagazine.com/fashion-films/greg-lauren-fall-2012 !!!!

转发: @ElizBerkley: @gdlauren 的超赞微电影,展示了今年的秋季系列。 优秀的导演Marc Forster的作品。
JBCN注:Greg Lauren 就是Elizabeth Berkley她家老公,名设计师Ralph Lauren的侄子。

  • 8.23

RT : @diananyad: The Cuba Swim: From Dream to Reality http://www.huffingtonpost.com/diana-nyad/the-cuba-swim_b_1823393.html …
转发: @diananyad: 古巴之泳:从梦想到现实。

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/diana-nyad/the-cuba-swim_b_1823393.html …

  • 8.23

What if Schrodinger’s Box was made of glass? WOULD THE CAT THINK WE WERE ALIVE?
JBCN:Schrodinger是奥地利物理学家,猫和盒子是一个实验的道具,这个思想实验的意义是,将量子理论从微观领域带到了宏观领域,而导出和一般常识相冲突的结果。好吧,站长承认已经被某个科学怪人搞得崩溃了。 :ohno:

  • 8.22





JBCN注: 这种按压开盒子的方式总有人没法搞定。:) 

  • 8.22

Thoroughly impressed by these brilliant young mind’s science fair projects. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/25/brittany-wenger-google-science-fair-breast-cancer_n_1703012.html?utm_hp_ref=women-in-tech

  • 8.21

@diananyadGo, Diana go! Peaceful, strong swim to you. Hoping Neil Young gave you some fine company last night. Sending you all kinds …
@diananyad 加油,Diana加油!祝你这次的游泳愉快成功。希望Neil Young昨晚好好陪伴了你。祝你无数好运!

  • 8.20

Sending out a salutation to Diana Nyad. Wishing her a safe, smooth, peaceful journey.
向Diana Nyad致敬。 祝她有个安全顺利愉快的旅程。

  • 8.20

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin
“生命的兴衰与人的勇气成正比。”——Anais Nin

  • 8.18

American genealogy brought to you by poop . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/13/feces-fossil-stone-tools-oregon-caves-first-americans_n_1670692.html?utm_hp_ref=daily-discovery
海上来的美国人的族谱!h ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/13/feces-fossil-stone-tools-oregon-caves-first-americans_n_1670692.html?utm_hp_ref=daily-discovery

  • 8.18

#FF @CassiniJohn @ElizBerkley @NathanFillion because they’re awesome.

#FF @CassiniJohn @ElizBerkley @NathanFillion 因为他们超级的棒!

  • 8.18

Thank you for all the great questions! This was a pleasantly surreal experience.My best goes out to all of you and especially to those service women and men out there. Take care of one another.


  • 8.18

RT: @ tish919 @ wigs #watchwigs @ jenniferbealsPlease send a supportive tweet to my deployed husband, Brad. I am taking pictures of the tweets and making him a scrapbook. – Hello Brad! I hope you carry your wife’s love for you each and everyday no matter where God may place you. Come home safe and sound! All my best, Jennifer.

转发:@ tish919 @ wigs #我看WIGS @ jenniferbeals 请给我正有军事行动的丈夫Brad发一个支持的推文。我再把推文拍成图片,然后给他做一本剪贴画册。
-你好Brad! 无论上天把你安排在哪里,我希望你每天都感受到你妻子的爱。 请平安无恙地回家! 祝福你,Jennifer。
JBCN注: 好感动! :poor:

  • 8.18

RT: @ stephislegit @ jenniferbeals@wigs #WatchWigs What do you do to help your emotions surface? You are so inspiring!

– You are very kind…My goodness…in the case of Major Stone it was more a question of keeping everything locked down when at times I wanted to howl in pain.

RT: @ stephislegit@ jenniferbeals @ wigs #我看WIGS你是怎样保持那种激情的? 你真让人鼓舞。

-你真好…天啊, 像Stone少校这样把事情彻底封锁这真是太难为人了,那会让我痛苦得要吼出来。

  • 8.18

RT: @ 7cosmicgirl @ wigs #watchwigs if you could choose to visit any planet, which one and why? – Been traveling enough lately. I would rather BE a neutrino particle and move through walls and thoughts like a beneficent ghost…

转发: @ 7cosmicgirl @ wigs #我看WIGS 假如你可以选择去任何一个星球, 你会选哪个? 为什么?

-最近出游得够多啦! 我宁愿做中微子然后跑到墙壁里做个可爱的鬼….


  • 8.18

RT: @ xthisislydia How can you relate to Major Stone? @ jenniferbeals #watchwigs -I understand her wanting to protect this soldier from further victimization. But as an actor I have to find my way into a character without necessarily relating to them directly.

转发: @ xthisislydia 你怎样把自己和Stone少校的角色联系起来的? @jenniferbeals #我看WIGS


  • 8.18

RT: @NaMm9 @wigs @jenniferbeals #watchwigsAre you happy with Lauren’s ending? Did you wish she’d choose otherwise? Lauren hasn’t ended…

RT: @NaMm9 @wigs @jenniferbeals #我看WIGS 你对《 Lauren》的结局满意吗? 希望她会另作选择。《Lauren》并未真正结束。

  • 8.18

RT: @elainewong8 @jenniferbeals What would u say if u meet Major stone? – Hi. Would you like some chamomile tea?

RT: @elainewong8 @jenniferbeals 假如让你遇上Stone少校,你会说什么?


  • 8.18

RT: @ samandjoel0305@WIGS @ jenniferbeals how did you get involved in project? #watchwigs – Jon Avnet, one of the co-creators of the WIGS channel is a friend. He asked, I said yes, and away we went. Then we enlisted the miraculous Lesli Linka Glatter and a playdate was born.

RT: @ samandjoel0305@ WIGS @ jenniferbeals你是怎么要接拍这部剧的? #我看WIGS – Jon Avnet, 其中一位WIGS的监制是我的朋友。他问了我,于是我就答应啦,然后就开始拍咯。我们还邀请了神奇的Lesli Linka Glatter导演,然后定下上映日。

  • 8.18

@ gretchtenebro@ jenniferbeals What kind of preparation did you do before shooting? – I had been studying the subject for over a year of what it means to be a woman in the military and the topic of MST kept coming up, so I was familiar with the terrain. As for the character herself, there’s something about putting on combat boots and a gun that gets the motor running.

@ gretchtenebro @ jenniferbeals拍摄前你如何准备的?


  • 8.18

RT: @ NumberOneTVDFan@ JenniferBeals How was it like to work with Troian Bellisario? Would you like to work with her again in the future? #watchwigs– Troian Bellisario is an extraordinary actress. She was cast at the last second, had to carry the piece and just CRUSHED it. I LOVED working with her. Very committed and disciplined. Would LOVE to work with her again.
转发: @ NumberOneTVDFan @ JenniferBeals 和Troian Bellisario合作感觉如何?还希望将来还有机会继续吗?

  • 8.18

RT: @ annaluis #WatchWigs @ jenniferbeals Great work! It felt real and was very moving. Stone looked torn. What would you have done in this situation?

– Thank you so much for your kind words. Frankly, I could never in a gazillion years be in the military. I would have a nervous breakdown on day one of basic training. I can torture myself just fine, but wouldn’t do so well with someone shouting in my face. Anyone who has been through even basic training is bad ass…That being said I would hope I would have the courage to stand up for what is right, and not what is convenient. I would hope I would have the courage to shepherd this case through and protect this soldier’s safety the best I could. War should be able to lend itself to myriad heroisms. It’s easy for me to say that while I’m sitting here all cozy with my cup of tea. Anyone who hasn’t already read The Things They Carried, Jarhead and The Lonely Soldier should check them out.

转发: @ annaluis #我看WIGS @ jenniferbeals 演得真棒!得十分真实也很感人。我觉得Stone都要崩溃了。你是怎么做到?

谢谢你的称赞。老实说我可不可能那样在军队里待几年。那些基本训练第一天我就会精神崩溃。光是地狱式训练倒无所谓,可我受不了有人在面前吆喝。那些能熬过基础训练的都是疯子啊!我希望自己有勇气能为正义的事挺身而出,而不是为那些“合适”的事情。我希望自己能全程关注这种案件,尽所能保护士兵。战争能展现各种英雄事迹。我休闲地喝着茶的情况下自然可以纸上谈兵。建议没看过《The Things They Carried》和《The Lonely Soldier》的人可以去看看这些书。

  • 8.18

RT: @ MartaMushroom: #WatchWigs @ jenniferbealsWhat was your main interest, to transmit to the public, when you chose to do “Lauren”? When I choose a role I’m not consciously trying to transmit anything to the public. I am trying to give myself an experience. It’s like choosing which cliff to dive off of, which ocean to swim across. The higher cliffs and wider oceans seem to be more interesting to me. It’s usually after the fact when I realize a project might be helpful to someone.

转发: @ MartaMushroom: #我看到WIGS @ jenniferbeals 当你决定接拍Lauren的时候,你希望向大众传递什么?


  • 8.18

RT: @ Petri12041898 #WatchWigs @ jenniferbeals Was it hard to not take it home once you finished filming? – No it wasn’t so hard. As I said I was familiar with the subject for some time now. The accent on the other hand…
转发: @ Petri12041898 #WatchWigs @ jenniferbeals 完成一部作品后会觉得很难抽离角色吗?


  • 8.18

RT: @59992035 #watchwigs: @jenniferbeals Chinese food is very delicious, do you like to eat it? – Buddha’s Delight or Sum Yung Guy.
转发: @59992035 #我看WIGS: @jenniferbeals中菜很好吃,你喜欢吗?

  • 8.18

RT: @ anca1268Q for @ JenniferBeals: You’re playing stronger women w/ every new project. Is this something u particularly look 4 in a character? #watchwigs– I find the roles interesting. I think it might be a combination of the characters finding me and me wanting to delve into a more complex realm. However the next project I’m doing it’s a bit of a lighter role. Happy to be working with my friends Terry Miles and Lauren Lee Smith again. I guess in a funny way, any role is as complex as you make it.转发:@ anca1268 给 @ JenniferBeals的问题: 每个新作品你都是饰演强势的女性角色。在选择剧本的时候有什么特别的要求吗? #我看WIGS

-我喜欢有趣的角色。角色会选择我,我也觅寻更复杂的领域,两者兼而有之。不过下一个角色会是比较轻松一点的。很高兴能和我的老友Terry Miles和Lauren Lee Smith合作。用有趣的角度去想,任何角色的复杂性都是因个人如何处理而定的。

  • 8.18

RT: @coldcoffeedip @WIGS #watchwigsWas Major stone’s Accent your choice or written this way. – Her provenance was the wrier’s choice.

转发: @coldcoffeedip @WIGS #我看WIGSStone少校的南方口音是你的选择还是剧本的要求。


  • 8.18

RT: @ Juniper40@ WIGS Question for @j enniferbeals You totally nailed the southern accent for this role. Did you practice/research that? #watchwigs – My father was from East Texas. I watched a lot of Ann Richards on YouTube、

转发: @ Juniper40 @ WIGS给 @ jenniferbeals的问题: 你在这个角色里掌握很好的南方口音,你有练习过或者做过调查吗?

-我父亲来自德克萨斯东部,而且我也在Youtube看了很多Ann Richards的作品。

  • 8.18

RT: @ ahiddenartist: @ jenniferbealsWhat did you discover about the kind of woman it takes to endure rape so she can continue to fight 4 her country? #watchwigs– The big picture may be fighting for your country but I think by and large soldiers fight for the survival of their unit. MST is a profound and brutal betrayal of the military code. A kind of woman who can survive that betrayal and continue to protect and defend her unit, even perhaps her assailant is a Warrior Goddess bar none. I want all of those women and men frankly to have a safe means of reporting any misconduct within the ranks. It is a stain on the formidable institution of the military and needs to be addressed.

转发: @ ahiddenartist: @ jenniferbeals那姑娘为了能继续为国家而战承受了那样的暴行,你有什么看法? #我看WIGS

-大局上看也许是为国家而战, 但我想总的来说军人是为了他们部队的生存而战。 MST问题是对军事法则而言是一种致命的背叛。能在那样的背叛之下生存下来,并且继续保护自己的部队,这样的女性军人都是神圣的女斗士。我真心希望这样的男女军人都能有一个安全的方式上报任何不当行为。否则对于军队这样令人敬畏的组织来说,将是一种污点。这应当受到重点关注。

JBCN注: MST: Military Sexual Trauma,军队性创伤

  • 8.18

RT: @ Petri12041898 #WatchWigs @ jenniferbealsWhat do you do to get grounded, after a scene like that. I admire your work!

– It doesn’t take me too long to get grounded after scene like that. Singing helps. One show tune and Im usually good to go. Sound of Music.

转发: @ Petri12041898 #我看WIGS @ jenniferbeals那一幕之后你是怎超爱你的作品。

-那个之后我也没 唱歌很有帮助的。 我很喜欢《音乐之声》的旋律。

  • 8.18

I’m excited to get started answering your questions. @wigs
很高兴开始回答大家问题啦。 @wigs

  • 8.18

WIGS ‏ @WIGS WIGS fans – the @jenniferbealschat has been pushed to 11:30am PT. Follow @SleepintheGardn‘s Q&A at 11:15 and use #watchwigs to ask Q’s!
转发: WIGS ‏ @WIGS WIGS 粉丝们- @jenniferbeals的问答将推迟到西部时间11:30分。请在11:15分留意 @SleepintheGardn的问答环节,可选用话题 #我看WIGS

  • 8.17

The “Lauren” finale, w/ @JenniferBeals and @Sleepinthegardn will be live tomorrow at 6am PT/9am ET. Rewatch eps. 1 & 2: http://wigs.ly/N6EwZe Retweeted by Jennifer Beals

转发: 《Lauren》的结局以及 @JenniferBeals @Sleepinthegardn的现场问答将在明天西部时间早上6点/东部时间9点开始。 重温第1和第2集: http://wigs.ly/N6EwZe

  • 8.17

I will be doing a live chat tomorrow after the finale of “Lauren.” You can tweet questions to @WIGSand to me. The chat will be at 11am.

我会在明天有个直播聊天室, 是关于《Lauren》的结局的。 大家可以发推给 @WIGS 和我。讨论从11点开始。

  • 8.17

Friday after the “Lauren” finale we’ll have a Twitter Q&A with @JenniferBeals @ 11am PT and w/ @SleepintheGardn @ 11:15am PT! Use #watchwigs
《Lauren》结局播放后的周五我们会在Twitter上有个问答互动,大家可以向我 @JenniferBeals提问,时间是西部时间早上11点开始, 还有 @SleepintheGardn会在11:15分加入我们。 欢迎使用 #我看WIGS 作为话题。

  • 8.17

Women growing up are told they can do anything; what you realize when you’re grown up is that as working mother you get to be everything.

  • 8.17

Olympic faces. The effort behind the beauty. http://thefw.com/olympic-diving-funny-faces

奥运面孔。 美丽背后的努力。 http://thefw.com/olympic-diving-funny-faces

  • 8.16

Are thoughts measurable? Can they pass through space like shafts of light?

思想能度量吗? 他们能像光轴一般穿越空间吗?

  • 8.16

Ah, nothing like death to kickstart the imagination towards the cool and creepy. http://www.Oddee.com/item_98273.aspx

啊, 死亡是最能激发那些又酷又恐怖的想象了。


JBCN注:链接文章展现12个最疯狂的骨灰瓮设计 )

  • 8.16

Here is the latest installment of Lauren. Excited to hear what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVx5qrzv8Xg&feature=youtu.be&08156 @wigs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVx5qrzv8Xg&feature=youtu.be&08156


@wigs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVx5qrzv8Xg&feature=youtu.be&08156

  • 8.15

Episode two of Lauren will be released tomorrow. In the meantime, check out episode one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVx5qrzv8Xg&feature=youtu.be&08156 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKYfdO5LFDs&feature=youtu.be



  • 8.14

I’m excited to read Lawrence Krauss’s new book, “A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing.” He delves into what existed prior to the Big Bang.
真高兴,刚读了Lawrence Krauss的新书《从零开始的宇宙:为何确有其物?》,他深入研究了在宇宙大爆炸前存在的事物。

  • 8.14

So proud for you all to finally see Lauren




  • 8.14

Utterly amazing. #GoingToBuyPushPinsRightNow



(JBCN注:艺术家Eric Daigh的PushPin图钉艺术画将人面肖像以像素的形式表现出来

  • 8.13

Considering a move to Lava World. Anyone in?

JBCN注:科学怪人再度发作! :yawn: 链接文章是关于一个表面布满熔岩的星球——UCF-1.01的介绍

  • 8.12

Thinking a tri coach or club may not be a bad idea. Suggestions?


  • 8.12

Going to rethink my training/recovery. Using some common sense this time.

  • 8.12

Been reading @BrendanBrazier‘s Thrive Fitness. Holy smokes have I been overtraining and not paying attention to my recovery

在读 @BrendanBrazier 的《健身与成长》。看来我真是锻炼过头了,还没有注意身体的恢复。

  • 8.11

Finding ancient Mayan relics. It’s like a modern day scavenger hunt.



  • 8.11

Watching the powerful athletes of the Olympics inspires me. Makes me think of Wilma Rudolph who overcame Polio to win 3 gold medals in 1960. #LifeIsNow

观赏奥运会上强壮的运动员们真是对我的鼓舞。让我联想到Wilma Rudolph在1960年克服脊髓灰质炎的疾病赢得了3块金牌。
JBCN注:美国田径奥运冠军Wilma Rudolph

  • 8.11

If only love were this easy:


JBCN注: 图片貌似是个小屁孩准备追女生的宣言

  • 8.11

I cannot wait for you to tall see my @Wigswebisodes on Monday!

实在等不及让大家看到 @Wigs 在周一网上的首播集了。

  • 8.11

Is your body up to olympic standards?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19050139 …. Apparently, I’m most suited to swimming.

你的身体能达到奥运标准吗? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19050139 …. 显然我比较适合游泳。

  • 8.10

Here’s the first sneak peak of my @WIGS webisode, “Lauren.” I’m so excited for you guys to see it on Monday! http://wigs.ly/PFJDji

网络剧 @WIGS 《Lauren》片段偷跑!我兴奋极了,大家可以在周一看到了。 http://wigs.ly/PFJDji

  • 8.6

RT @neiltyson: The day we stop exploring is the day we commit ourselves to live in a stagnant world, devoid of curiosity, empty of dreams.

转发: @neiltyson: 我们停止探索的那一天,我们生活的世界将会停滞不前,好奇心与梦想的泯灭。

  • 8.4

Physicists on twitter!




  • 8.3

RT: @PBS: Supersymmetry: Looking in Nature’s Mirror ? @NOVApbs‘s Physics Blog: The Nature of Reality: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/physics/blog/2012/07/supersymmetry-looking-in-natures-mirror/#.UBflMKJ9nyM.twitter

转发: @PBS: 超对称:看大自然的镜子? @NOVApbs的物理博客:现实中的大自然。


  • 8.1

Everyday. Everyday. Every single day. Between every cell, between every breath, every thought #LOVE. It’s why we’re here.

每天、每天、每一天。在每个细胞之中,每个呼吸之间、每个思绪之内,我 #爱 顾我在。


  • 2012年8月16日

    这一月也精彩开始吧! :loveit: