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Jennifer Beals in GLAAD 2008


文: Jennifer Beals  翻译:Be-Ti-An

2008年5月10日 三藩市。Jennifer Beals介绍GLAAD媒体奖中Davidson/Valentini奖得主Ilene Chaiken的致辞~~

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[dropcap style=”square” title=”大”]家晚上好!实在很高兴能回到三藩市。今晚我将颁奖给Davidson/Valentini奖的获奖者。每年,这个以GLAAD首位执行总裁Craig Davidson和伴侣Michael Valentini命名的奖项将被颁予对倡议同志团体公平权利有重大贡献的同志身份公众人物。今晚,让我们把这份荣誉赠给我的老板、《The L Word》的作者、执行制作人兼导演Ilene Chaiken。

Ilene于费城郊外出生长大,80年代初移居洛杉矶,从一开始她便是公开同志身份的娱乐圈人士。她早期在经纪公司Creative Artists’ Agency中见习,随后为两位传奇人物——Aaron Spelling和Quincy Jones担任创意执行官。然而,Ilene最终发现写作才是她的最爱。她最初的作品包括电视电影《Damaged Care》以及《Dirty Pictures》,后者更为她赢得了2000年金球奖最佳电视电影的殊荣。其他作品还包括Pamela Anderson主演的电影《Barb Wire》。这些为她的成功垫下基础,但很可惜这些都忽略了她自己所属的这个群体。于是Ilene开始萌生念头,希望创造一个与洛杉矶同志生活、工作以及爱情密切相关的故事。开初的抵制和抗拒并没有将她击倒,她坚持了下来,2004年《The L Word》终于首映。

明年(2009)年,这部电视踏入第6季最终章。它引来了全球范围的热潮,带着同性恋以及异性恋的影迷一同进入这个充满爱与忠诚的同志世界。更重要的是 《The L Word》再次证明了好的故事题材能够造就一个群体。各处的影迷可以透过网络、公众活动和家中观看电视以联系彼此。

Ilene曾被选为POWER UP的十大好莱坞最top的女同志以及OUT杂志100位好莱坞最具影响力的同志人物,另外她还是GLAAD的前董事会成员以及为同志以及他们的挚友而设的社交网络OurChart.com的创办CEO。我很难想象她如何能有如此多的时间做出这么多的贡献。

Ilene曾经这样想:“只有一个同志角色存在于别人的故事里,这还不够好。”凭借着热情、责任感和天赋,她成为了电视故事里描写同志故事的先锋,这样的说法已然是保守的。藉着《The L Word》,Ilene向全球观众表达思想,也拓展了我们对这个团体的观感:事实上,同志团体并无边界。

《The L Word》已经超越“够好”的层次;它是一个、唯一一个与众不同的先驱。

请容我欢迎今年Davidson/Valentini奖的获得者——我的朋友、优秀而有着革命精神的Ilene Chaiken!

Jennifer Beals in GLAAD 2008


[divider style=”thin” title=”” text_align=””]英文原文:

Introductory speech for Ilene Chaiken, recipient of the Davdison/Valentini Award

Jennifer: “Good evening. It’s truly wonderful to be back in San Francisco. I’m here tonight to present GLAAD’s Davidson/Valentini Award. Named after GLAAD’s first executive director, Craig Davidson, and his partner Michael Valentini, this prize is given annually to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting LGBT equality. Tonight we bestow this prestigious honor on my beloved boss, The L Word creator, executive producer and director Ilene Chaiken.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, Ilene moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s and was openly gay within the entertainment industry from the start. Working first as a trainee at the Creative Artists’ Agency, she subsequently took creative executive positions with two legends: Aaron Spelling and Quincy Jones. But ultimately writing proved to be Ilene’s true love. Her early credits include the acclaimed telepics Damaged Care and Dirty Pictures which won the 2000 Golden Globe Award for best television movie. Her feature film work includes Barb Wire, a cult favorite starring Pamela Anderson. Thankful for these early successes but frustrated that her own community was sorely mis- or unrepresented, Chaiken conceived an idea for a series that would revolve a tight knit group of lesbian friends living, working and loving in Los Angeles. Ilene persisted in the face of initial resistance and rejection and finally, in 2004, The L Word premiered.

Headed for its sixth and final season next year, the show has grown into a massive worldwide hit, giving millions of gay and straight fans a glimpse into a lesbian world where love and loyalty rule. But more than that, The L Word reaffirmed that good storytelling has a way of creating community. Fans everywhere have been connecting with each other online, in public and at home-viewing parties.

Named one of POWER UP’s top ten lesbians in Hollywood and one of OUT Magazine’s 100 most powerful gay people in Hollywood, Ilene is a former board member of GLAAD and founding CEO of OurChart.com, an online social network for lesbians and those who love them. Where the woman finds the time, I have no clue.

Once upon a time, Ilene thought to herself, “It’s not good enough to have just one character who’s a lesbian in someone else’s story. To say that with her passion, commitment and talent, she’s become a pioneer in the portrayal of lesbians on television is an understatement. Through The L Word, Ilene has helped give representation to an international audience, and by doing so, has expanded our notion of community: Lesbians without borders, indeed.

The L Word is better than good enough; it’s the one and only, a unique trailblazer.

Please help me welcome this year’s recipient of the Davidson/Valentini Award: my friend, the amazing, revolutionary Ilene Chaiken.”

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GLAAD :The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation 反同志歧视联盟。

Aaron Spelling和Quincy Jones: 前者(1923~2006)是美国一位有名的影视制作人,后者(1993~)则是一位音乐人。

POWER UP: Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up,一个关注女性题材影视作品的非谋利性组织