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我爱你#芝加哥。 我真是连约翰·汉考克中心上面游曳的蜘蛛都要喜欢了…





..I can hear the orchestra. What does yours sound like?

Lin-Manuel Miranda@Lin_Manuel Gmorning, lights up *brief musical # establishing the world* *several characters discuss you breathlessly* *you enter, wild applause* *opening #* *the other characters exit, just you & the spotlight now. time for you to sing about your heart’s desire* (You can do no wrong. Sing.)


Please read this entire thread and then go to  to check/update your registration status. November is closer than you think. #WhenWeAllVote

Joyce Alene@JoyceWhiteVance It took me under 30 seconds to confirm I’m registered to vote in November. Now go and confirm yours & share! 


Yes! A crack in the evil giant’s legal armor. Not enough money in the world could possibly compensate for the conscious harm. But hopefully it signals a paradigm shift. #Monsanto

The Guardian@guardian Monsanto ordered to pay $289m as jury rules weedkiller caused man’s cancer


Hello #OH12 voters! An important message

Holly Figueroa O’Reilly@AynRandPaulRyan ATTN: #OH12 VOTERS If you cast a provisional ballot, you need to confirm your ID before AUGUST 14. Go down to your county board of elections.  There are 3.4k provisional ballots that could easily decide this election. 


John Fugelsang@JohnFugelsang The kindergartener, outside Museum. -Is your mom in Heaven? -Yes. I think so. My dad too. -Is Gandhi in Heaven? -He is. -Your cat Zimmy? George Harrison? -Oh yes. Can you think of anyone else who’s in Heaven? (He ponders) -Carrie Fisher? (I had no idea he knew abt her) -She is.


YES. Listen to this important message from @PiperPerabo The wink is an added bonus to the wisdom. #Vote @dannyoconnor1 #Oconnor4Ohio12

Piper Perabo@PiperPeraboI support @dannyoconnor1 for Congress in Tomorrow’s special election in #OH12 because he’s a @MomsDemand endorsed candidate. So does the #ColumbusDispatch @DispatchAlerts #VoteOConnor … Find your polling place at …


I love you #Chicago. I even love all the spiders high atop the Hancock tower, swinging in the wind. It’s like the arachnid on the pugilist’s shoulder. Or #LouiseBourgeois ‘ mother. #art …


Yes, indeed. Congratulations @BarackObama on your Hope Award. #RFK50

Barack Obama@BarackObamaBobby Kennedy was one of my heroes. He was someone who showed us the power of acting on our ideals, the idea that any of us can be one of the “million different centers of energy and daring” that ultimately combine to change the world for the better.

RFK Human Rights@RFKHumanRightsWe are honored to present @BarackObama with our 2018 Ripple of Hope Award. #RFK50


CNN‏ @CNN When he noticed a teen with autism was interested in what he was doing, this grocery store worker let him help stock shelves for half an hour 


David Hogg@davidhogg111 This is ridiculous Senate Republicans just blocked a bill that would save countless American lives. This is a grave risk to national security that we must take action on now. Call your Senators. And RT #StopDownloadableGuns

Senator Bill Nelson@SenBillNelson I just tried to pass our bill that would prevent the release of these 3D-printed gun blueprints – but the GOP blocked it. If President Trump doesn’t reverse this dangerous decision before midnight tonight, our national security will be irreversibly harmed.

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